Jibo robot

Jibo robot

Robots are of various types. Yes, the common one or rather the most popular one which everyone knows about are the smart robots which help you get over with your day-to-day tasks like switching the lights on or maybe reduce the room temperature. However, there are other robots in the market which can do a lot more than that as well. What if you get one who can understand what you are saying when you are talking about it and talk back with meaningful replies. And by talking, i don’t mean commanding. We are talking about meaningful conversations here where the robot will answer back. Yes, if you want one of this kind then the Jibo bot is just the right one for you. Jibo wants to be a multipurpose family robot for your home. It may not have the ability to lower your thermostat temperature or switch on the lights like the other ones available in the market, but it can do a lot more than that which others can’t. For starters, this 11” robot is very appealing to look at. The design is rather odd with a huge oversized head which makes it look a little weird. But this is what gives character to the robot. How? Try yelling at it, and it will hang the huge head down like a little puppy and ask if it has done something wrong. It truly is impressive.

The Jibo Robot learns by listening to your questions and answers. It uses machine learning, speech recognition, and facial recognition as well along with natural language processing. All these complex terms make Jibo what it is and help it learn from its interactions with people. Now you might ask as to what else can this do? As mentioned earlier, it is not like Alexa or Siri. Hence it can’t answer your queries or anything. However, it can do simple tasks like snapping a photo or maybe facilitating a video conference. It can read your messages when you can’t reach out to your mail or even recite stories when you can’t sleep. It has a see-and-track camera which makes it easy to turn and look at people. Although it might sound very friendly and you may think that it can be a great companion, but Kate Darling, a social robotics researcher at MIT’s Media Lab says, don’t expect him to become a friend or confidant. “The conversations we can have with many these robots are so limited,” “Once you realize a robot isn’t as smart as you thought it was, it breaks the illusion, and that’s a little disappointing for people.” Regardless of all this, there is no denying that Jibo is an excellent piece of technology and a step in the right direction which will make robots more advanced in the future. With that being said, get used to such innovations since this is going to be the future and we will be seeing a lot of them.


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