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iSmartAlarm iCamera

iSmartAlarm iCamera

iSmartAlarm has been there in the smart home security camera business for a long time now and is quite well known. And the iCamera is their second generation after the first one which came out in 2013. That time, the camera that came with the kit as an optional accessory was a bit of a letdown. It was buggy, and the setup was also not easy to get started with. But with the new one now, things are a lot better. It has a much easier setup process. You can simply just plug it into your phone and let it register. It hardly takes less than a minute to register with your Wi-Fi network and hop onto the app. So overall, the setup was a very indeed quite satisfying.

Additionally with this new iSmartAlarm iCamera, monitoring the video feed on the app was also smooth. Even at the mobile data away from the Wi-Fi, you will be able to see the video footage in a seamless fashion without any hiccups. It didn’t have much lag as well and also there is not much panning around and stuff like that. One of the great features about the camera is that, if yo swipe on the screen in your app, the camera changes its direction at which you swiped. The camera has a 720p resolution sensor with a built-in night vision for the dark. There is also built-in motion and sound sensors that alert you when it sees or hears something.

You can also use this camera as a standalone device. You don’t need an existing iSmartAlarm iCamera system to set it up in that case. You can simply buy this camera without the kit and have it running through the app smoothly. And that level of functionality s very well considering the price point. At about $100 which roughly translates to about 6,700 INR, it is fairly cheaper than the drop cam or pretty much any other camera out there. But for the price, the only thing which you are missing here is the ability to save video clips. So whenever it is recording, you ca fire up the app and see around what’s happening and also take screenshots, but you can save the footage. So overall, it is a great camera for the price at which it is being offered and probably the one which you should get if you are looking for something more simple.


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