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Insta360 Air

Insta360 Air

Virtual Reality is slowly taking over the world, and we have now started seeing more and more new product on the market. Well, consuming VR content is being more focused rather than producing the content for it. Yes, more and more manufacturers have now started coming up with their own 360 cameras which are capable of producing 360-degree videos. However, if you are in the market for one, then you need to be ready to shed some serious money on them as they are not that affordable, to begin with. What we need right now are some products which can easily record the 360 content on the go, so that you can watch it later with a headset, etc. And right now there only a few of them, that are capable of doing it.

Insta360 Air looks like a promising product indeed. It is a lightweight and ultra-portable clip-on smartphone camera that captures immersive 360-degree HD images and videos. These videos and images can then be live streamed or shared instantly on social media. This also allows for a fully immersive VR mode as well. Apart from so functional, it also comes in four colors, and over build quality of the camera looks to be very nice. The camera is compact when compared with conventional 360-degree cameras. The Insta360 is designed as an extension of the smartphone rather than a bulky add-on. It features an advanced 210-degree fish eye lens and real-time image stitching as well. It captures 3K still images and 2K videos with the select smartphones.

The Insta360 Air can also be used a 360 webcam which users an connect to laptops via the multifunctional extension cable, and the video can be live streamed as well. Livestream works well with YouTube, and the still images can be shared on social media with one-click uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and WhatsApp. And as mentioned earlier, you can also switch to the VR mode for more immersive experience and use it with VR viewer or headset to enjoy the experience. So overall, this is as good as it gets when you talk about VR content creation on the go. Definitely, more options will be available from other manufacturers on the same lines, but as of now, this is what you have, and it is quite good at what it does.


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