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Technology has evolved so much in 2017, and we have a ton of new gadgets launching every single day. On the same lines, the iBand+ is a new product which you definitely need to try out once. With the iBand+, you can experience the world of lucid dreams. It is essentially a headband that has ECG brain sensing and health tracking with which it can monitor and analyze your brainwaves, body movement, heart rate, and body temperature, etc. With the help of these metrics, it accurately recognizes various sleep phases using an advanced auto-learning algorithm.

The iBand+ also comes with an app that is highly customizable allowing you to set audio-visual cues. It has RGB LEDs and also the compact iBand+ pillow speakers which work together to deliver a perfect audio and video stimuli. And not just that, it also allows you to use your own music or audiobooks and fall asleep to that. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your band today.


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