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Homeboy Smart Camera

Smart home cameras are everywhere now. In fact, the smart home cameras are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about smart home. We have already seen a bunch of smart home cameras already, and now we have yet another offering in this category called the homeboy. Just like the name, the product by itself is very simple. The homeboy is a $150 DIY security camera that took a different approach than a lot of it’s similarly priced competition. One of the thing which you will notice right away about this camera is that it is not connected to a power source via a cable. This runs on a rechargeable battery. Now you might think that it is not really efficient since you have to charge it very often. Well, you don’t really have to worry about it because this camera is designed to last for about three months or more on a single charge.

The homeboy does come with a couple of trade-offs. It doesn’t have live streaming nor does it have an HD high quality resolution. Now if you take a step back from what you think a DIY security camera should be, you might as well be really impressed with this thing. First of all, although it doesn’t have an HD resolution camera, the optics are really good. It is nothing like you will be getting a terrible quality like you might have with other local/cheap offerings. Another thing is that it has free cloud storage and excellent alert that responds perfectly pretty much every time it detects motion. Not just that, there are a lot of other cool features as well.

The Homeboy can also be tied to your smartphone’s GPS. With that when you leave home, if will start sending you the motion related alerts and once you come back home, it will automatically disable the systems and stop sending you alerts. With this really helpful as you are not triggering it every time you walk past it. And since it is a DIY camera, you can do a lot of things with it and create your own commands and abilities. A few things which you can do are like for instance let’s say it detects motion; you can make it send you a text message. Another thing which you can do is, send all your recorded videos to your Dropbox account. Do make a note that these are just a few of them and you as a user are free to do anything with it.

That particular ability is what makes it differnet from the others and makes it worth checking it out once. So even though it is not technically a smart thing, it still gives it that ability and allows for smart things integration. So it basically works like a smart home automation product. Overall, although it is a more paired down security camera, it really does nail the features that it has. It won’t take up a ton of storage as well as bandwidth, and all this really makes it worth taking a look at.


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