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Home security cameras are widely available in the market. However, the only reason why people are not buying is that mostly due to the price. When you talk about some of best security cameras out there, one of the names which come to most people’s mind is the nest cam. But since it is quite expensive, you can check out some other alternatives like the Guardzilla Home Security Camera. This one is more of a budget friendly alternative which is priced at $100 which roughly translates to about 6,700 INR. The first thing you will notice about this device is that it is mainly made up of durable plastic and it is very light in weight. The camera base and the camera lens at the dome are fixed. Due to this, the Guardzilla model can only sit on a flat surface.

The Guardzilla Home Security Camera also has a microphone, and at the back, there is also a speaker. It really dies a great job of picking up the smallest of noises. Surprisingly it also has a slot for a microSD card which will support upto 32GB. It also comes with an app which has a variety of different features. The first option allows you to arm or disarm the camera. When you arm it, it will detect all the motion using the motion detector. It also has an alarm which will go off for 30 seconds when it detects the noise. There is also an activity log which will show when you armed or disarmed the Guardzilla. You can also set to send you an email, text message, etc. There is also an auto-arm mode which is definitely handy. It will detect when your smartphone leaves the home network, and it will arm the Guardzilla. There are a ton of different options as well to play around with and make it pretty much the best option for you.

The resolution of this camera is limited to 640 * 480 which is basically VGA quality. However, the image and the video feed is very much usable, but it is not the best one out there. But the night time performance, on the other hand, is pretty impressive here. But a feature which it is missing is the lack of cloud recording and yes, not to forget the lack of base or the camera adjustment. But again, for this price range and depending on what your needs are, this camera is a very good consideration. When this camera is compared to other mainstream $99 cameras in the market, offer way better features and options to customize your experience.


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