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GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro Hero5 Black is the successor to the Hero4 that launched a year ago. This new one brings a lot of new features to the table. It looks better, and it feels more satisfying in the hand with the rounded edges and waterproof material. It comes with a housing that is also compatible with dozens of other existing GoPro accessories which is really appreciated. And one of the biggest improvement here is that the actual camera itself is waterproof right out of the box. It is waterproof for upto 10 meters under water and if that is not enough you can also get a casing for it as well. And another advantage with the GoPro hero5 is that you no longer have to purchase a separate screen as the camera has 2” LCD touchscreen display.

With the GoPro Hero5, you still get all the familiar features like the Time-lapse mode, Photo modes, and pro settings, etc. depending on how fancy you want to be. But do make a note that you won’t get all the features in all the modes. For instance, while shooting in 4K, you won’t get the image stabilization, etc. But do make note that you are not getting optical stabilization and only electrical one. You also get a built-in GPS this time around that you can toggle on or off from the settings. There are three microphones this time around. One of them is near the shutter, one to the side and one is near your charging port. And as far as the battery life goes, it’s battery is rated at 1220 mAh and it dies really quick.

The battery will get you through half of your day if you record here and there. But can’t complain here since it has a display, 4k recording, microphone and what not. So it is indeed recommended that you carry a spare battery or two to keep you going. It also supports voice commands like the Garmin Vivofit. There is also a GoPro capture app for both iOS and Android that lets you pair your smartphone or tablet that essentially becomes your viewfinder. This app lets you add media to your GoPro Plus account, and you also get cloud storage for backup. So overall, it is a great camera, but it is going to cost you around $399 and in India it is priced at about 38,000 INR. It is reasonably priced especially for all the different features and everything.


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