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GoPro Hero 4 Silver

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

GoPro has been producing high-quality action cameras for years now. They are simple, compact and has an outer shell that can survive nearly anything, and by anything here, I mean seriously anything. If you have ever used any of the GoPro action cameras before, then you already know this. However, in the year 2014, they came with two new cameras which are two new variants of the current camera. The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition and the GoPro Black Edition. The GoPro Black Edition shoots in 4K at a full 30 frames per second (FPS) which is awesome right? However, on the other hand, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition, was the one to go for many users. The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is basically like every other GoPro action camera that the company launched before it. Why so? It has a simple layout, a wide angle lens, the super rugged casing for which it is most known for. And not to forget the front LCD screen for navigation. The display is not the best one, but it surely gets the job done. But the only thing where this camera draws the attention of the GoPro community is the built-in screen on the back of the camera itself. It is a capacitive touchscreen that offers more usage than just showing what you are shooting. This by itself is an incredible feature. This display gives you an onscreen menu to control things like mode, video resolution and other features that the other GoPros would have had to use the front LCD screen to control which would have been a pain. Nothing that we are not used to but hey, this is an upgrade, right? We can expect at least these things. 

The screen also offers you the ability to playback your videos directly on the camera itself. This feature may not be a deal breaker for many, but it comes handy if you are one of those, who is always wondering how your footage came. The outer shell provides multiple protective backs, that can either protect the screen when the camera is submerged or allow for the use of the display while the camera is in the protective casing. Now as for the software inside, not much has changed here from the previous generations. If you have already used them before then, you will feel like home here. You can record in three lens modes with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition. They are narrow, medium or wide. Also, the 1080p recording is, of course, available at multiple rates including the 60 FPS for slow motion video and 720p at a 120 FPS which will result in an even slower video. Although, it is worth noting that modern smartphones are capable of recording a full 1080p video at 240 FPS, which looks far better than what we have here. 4K recording is also there if in case you are wondering, but it comes in at 15 FPS. Hence, don’t expect to make use out of it anywhere in typical situations where you need good footage. Alternatively, you can also take 12MP photos either in a burst mode at 30 FPS or even do cool time-lapse videos, and they look amazing. For recording video with the screen fully on, you get about an hour of battery life.

While doing time-lapses, the battery seemed like it would last all day with the screen off. All the videos and the photos look about the same as videos and photos from the older models on standard, but thanks to pro-tune settings, you can have video either automatically adjust, or you can set settings such as ISO, exposure compensation and even have the video shoot in flat/RAW, so that you can go back and tweak them according to your liking. All the videos, with or without the pro-tune looks great. Daylight is obviously great, and even the little light is also surprisingly good. The only issue here is the lack of proper 4k recording. Overall, the GoPro Hero4 Silver edition is trying to create a different experience for GoPro users. The display at the back comes in handy to watch the footage that you recorded on the go. Like i mentioned before, to some people, this may not be a big deal since GoPro has apps for phones that allow you to view the content that way. With that being said, if you are new to the GoPro family or maybe you have an older one, and if you don’t mind the lack of 4K feature, then this is a great upgrade.


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