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Smart assistants have been there in our lives for a long time now. Amazon Echo or Alexa is the first name that comes to our mind when you hear the word smart assistant for homes. On the other hand, Google is also doing great with its AI department lately. They are leading the game in the smartphone OS domain with the Android and all the goodness of search integration. And now with the addition of Google Assistant to the pixel phones, things have gotten really intense. But they don’t want to stop. Now the company wants to be in your home as well. So probably this is the thought which gave birth to Google Home. What is it? Well, let’s just say that it is Google answer to the Amazon Echo.

The Google Home has the conversational Google Assistant built in and it is also priced quite less than the Echo. And for the price, you are getting a personal assistant that will sync with your Google account, push important updates and calendar notifications, etc. On top of that, it is also an entertainment hub with a built in speaker and it also has the ability to cast through chrome cast. It is a smart home controller as well, which works well Nest, Phillips Hue, etc. Yes, so there is a lot of hype around this product right? But the question is, does it live upto all the hype? First of all, it works well with smart home controls, and it also responds more flexibly to language, and this is noticeable if you come from Alexa since with her, you have to get the words right. Google home also really works well the entertainment hub.

You can send music to any cast enabled speaker, or you can cast the music to the chrome cast which is connected to the speaker. You can also things like group multiple speakers and sync the music throughout the house. And as far as controlling the TV goes, it will do that as well but as of now it is confined to Youtube only and more will be updated via updates. Well, the Google home is also a great personal assistant, and it will remind you about events or maybe ask you to do certain things at a certain time. It can also wake you up in the morning or maybe remind you about any meetings from the calendar. And it also responds to the context in your questions and surprisingly it is very good at that. With that said, there are some limitations as well. It can get you a cab, but it still can’t add things to your to-do lists.

Overall, let me answer the question that we set out to answer. Is it worth the hype? Well, yes in the way. But if you are in the market for a smart home/personal assistant for your home which is better at everything it does, then Alexa is better. That doesn’t mean that the Google Home is bad. It is very good at what it does as of now, but the only issue is that it simply doesn’t do much right now. However, if you are invested deeply in Google eco-system, then this is worth the purchase since it is only going to get better over time. Although it might get better than the Echo someday, it looks like we do have to wait for some time till that happens.


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