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Giroptic 360 Cam

Giroptic 360 Cam

There are a variety of different 360-degree cameras in the market right now. But when you talk about the best options, it becomes quite difficult. Reason being, none of them are perfect in what they do. Yes, they are far better than what we would have expected, but still, there are a lot of room for improvement, and it will definitely take a long time. On the other hand, there are a lot of Kickstarter projects as well which claims that they can do the best work. While not the best one available in the market, the 360 camera from Giroptic is definitely on the top for it looks. When you talk about all the positive things about this cam, this thing is super portable. It easily fits in the palm of your hand or even when it is mounted to something like a bike helmet, it not too obtrusive. The design is very neat with a hidden screen and uploading the footage you shot to Youtube and Facebook is super easy as well. There are also some cool options to change your footage, but they’re all kind of novelties, and you are only buying this thing for the 360-degree video. Well, sadly that’s it for the positives about this.

When you talk about what is wrong with the Giroptic 360 cam, well, there are a lot of them. The first one being video quality. This thing technically shoots 2k videos and 4k photos, but you won’t vouch for it if you look at the footage. It is grainy and pixelated and just dull. It honestly looks like it was shot with a potato cam like the one comes with MacBook FaceTime cam. That may have been an over exaggeration, but it simply doesn’t hold up to the quality that we are used to with other cams in the market. Even when you compare it with your smartphone camera, the footage is comparatively poor. There is also some noticeable stitching that occurs on almost photos and videos which are a bad thing in a 360 camera. You think that is enough about negatives? Well, no. Next is sound quality. While you might not require sound quality for photos, but if you are planning to pump out videos out of this little guy, then you will be utterly disappointed. Next is waterproofing. This might be one of the reasons why you might be thinking of buying this product, as it is safe until 30 meters. But there’s also an issue since it has a rubber cover on the charging port which doesn’t fit properly. If you plan on taking it underwater, then be sure hold on to it with your thumb or else it is going down, and you will end up ruining your camera.

And for final thought, you can live with all the issues mentioned above and bear with a below average customer service, then you can go ahead and get this product. But don’t expect to record footage for professional use. If you simply want to get started with 360-degree videos and probably want to share a couple of photos on social media, then this is the one for you. Even then there are other products which you might want to look before making a decision here.


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