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Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 fitness tracker is $99 Fitness tracker for the workout novice. Yes, that’s the right way to put it. Reason being, it gains few features but loses more than what it does. But keeping that aside and talking about this device itself, it blends easily unlike the blaze. But then again as mentioned, it looses a couple of features like the heart rate monitor. But just like other Fitbit devices, it will automatically track your steps and calories burned in a day, and it also comes in several colors. The Flex 2 is an upgrade indeed from the original Flex band, and it is perfect for those who just wants to keep track of their steps and maintain a healthier habit. In other words, who in need for motivation to get up and go or who need a break away from sedentary lifestyle is the target consumer for this gadget. The Flex 2 also track sleep and comes with upto five days of battery life. So yes, you don’t have to plug it in every night. A nice bonus is that it is also water resistant upto 164 feet. That means you can take it to the shower or go swimming with it as well. And the best part is, it will automatically track your laps in the pool, your duration and your calories burnt while swimming.

Alternatively, you can also program the Fitbit Flex 2 to track certain exercises you do on a regular basis using the app. It can be a little bit confusing though if you want to customize your activity. But you basically select your weekly exercises in the app, click on one of the exercises completed and then select categorize exercise. You can then type in the type of exercise and then post this, Fitbit will bring the stats for that exercise automatically. Fitbit flex 2 is a simple device to blend in. The little sensor is kept in a band which comes in a variety of different colors. You will see five little lights on top of the band and you will know that your flex 2 charged when all lights are lit up. The lights will drop as you lose battery it will also send you an email when your battery is about to die. However, one really cool feature about the Flex 2 is that you can take the flex 2 for a workout without the phone and it will still track all the data and sync it later. You simply sync it up to your smartphone and b sure to wear it on your nondominant hand for best accuracy. This seems to work in most cases, and hence you might want to do this for better accuracy.

Overall, this device is simply perfect for those who wants to move more. The little notification buzz which you will get every hour reminding you to move is something that you will like. It will help keep you going and also help to keep metabolism up during the day. The ability to log how much foo you have eaten and to log the calories is a plus as well. It is basically a simple gadget for those who don’t want a lot of fuss. And on top of everything, at hundred dollars, it is a pretty sweet device compared to other fitness trackers. Yes now you may think on why even to spend it while you can simply use your phone, but really the extra calorie count and everything really keeps you going and it is definitely a worthy purchase for the price. But if you want something more than this then you can also go for Fitbit Blaze.


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