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Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit has been dominating the Fitness tracker market and honestly that is not so hard to understand why. Their products are super simple as well. All you have to do is, put them on your wrist and wear them all day. It will simply tell you how you are moving and if you re being lazy. And the FitBit blaze is a bit more stylish and more smartwatch looking. Maybe it is smart as well. But the question is, how does it work? Well, just like the other titbits, the $200 blaze will count your daily activities, count your daily steps, heart rate track your sleeping and put all of that data into the Fitbit app on your phone. Apart from showing the data, the best part about this app is that you can compete with your friends. However, this smartwatch adds some neat little features. First of all, there is a nice color screen, and the watch tells you how to do certain exercises. And it will track your workouts automatically. But above all else, with this, the company is trying to get into the style and lifestyle aspect. They are also giving you an option to swap bands between silicone, leather, and a pricier steel clasp as well.

Talking about the screen, it is the nicest one that Fitbit has ever made. It is bright even in sunlight, colorful and it is easy to read as well. You get to pick between a few watch faces, but they aren’t all that great, to be honest. Swiping over one will bring you to today’s screen. And this is where all your key stats are. Steps, heart rate, distance, walked, floors climbed, etc. Swipe over again, and you will come to the exercise mode. Blaze supports tracking for all the basics. Be it running, weight training, walking, biking, etc. And it will also automatically log your workouts if you are active more than 10 minutes. But do make a note that there is no GPS built-in and hence you have to carry around your smartphone for the same. And not sure about you, but it is pretty disappointing for a $200 fitness device. And talking about disappointment, as of now, the Blaze doesn’t even remind you to get up and move around. And although there is a feature to show you how to perform some exercises, it doesn’t give you any feedback to tell if you are doing it right.

Overall, as a daily fitness tracker, Fitbit Blaze works really well. It calculates daily activities and is really accurate in doing that, which is something you want from an activity tracker. But the same can’t be said about the floor climbed, and heart rate count. It is decent, but i think it is vaguely inaccurate. Fitbit is calling this the smart fitness watch and not a smartwatch, but it is still not really as smart as it should be. You only get call notifications and messages, etc. And that’s pretty much what it can do as of now. No Facebook, no Twitter, etc. So if you are okay with all this and have so much cash to shed, then this can be a really helpful for you. But if the style is all that you want, then you can also check out the Fitbit Alta as well.


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