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Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta

Staying in shape is a lot easier with a fitness tracker. But if you are looking for the right one for you, then you already know that there are a ton of them out there in the market and making a choice can be horrifying. For some people, fitness is a lifestyle, but for others, it is a just aspect of life, that they want to take care of without it interfering with the day-to-day activities. So when you talk about activity trackers, most of them are bulky or ugly looking devices that rest in your arm, mostly breaking out others. This is why Fitbit launched the Fitbit Alta which is an activity tracker which looks more elegant and does a good job of making it not look like an activity tracker. In fact, it is probably the best looking activity tracker out there in the market which you can buy right now. But what is Fitbit Alta? What does it do?

The Fitbit Alta is an activity and sleep tracker with few smart features added to it. And that’s pretty much what it is. It is very similar to the Fitbit Charge and does exactly the same thing. This device is for someone who just wants primarily two things from a fitness tracker. Firstly the design. Although it looks really good, the sole purpose of being activity tracker is still retained here. It still keeps health and fitness front and centered and keeps you motivated and keeps you on track. It also does a decently good job of quantifying your stats on the go. And secondly, it being useful beyond health and fitness. This thing has a big emphasis on style as i mentioned earlier. It also has some other smart functionalities which makes it look and feel better and comfortable while wearing it in any given situation.

In terms of functionality, it automatically calculates and logs in your daily steps, calories burned, distance covered, active minutes and sleep, etc. All this info in displayed on your wrist via this OLED display as well as in the Fitbit App which again one of the coolest thing about the Fitbit. However, the app by itself is a separate topic to be discussed, it is just safe to say that the whole Fitbit community with which you can interact and compete is the essence of the experience. The idea here with the device itself is to limit the number things which you can do. They want to keep the device seamless. As seamless as it can be. But there are a couple of sacrifices they had to deal with here. First of all, there is not a button. It is nice since it is one less part to worry about but it also means that you have to interact with it by tapping. It works okay, but for the most part, it is kind of a hit or miss. And secondly, there is no way to manually record the activity from the device.

You can use the app to do this but then again, if you don’t want to bring the phone with you then you have to rely on the activity tracker to do so. And surprisingly there are no heart rate sensors as well so no actual way of monitoring your heart rate levels. But then again, the exercise is not the main focus of this device. The whole purpose is to keep you active without loosing the good looks of the device. As far as the style quotient is considered, it will look great on both men and women’s wrist. You can also get a variety of different bands as well to make it look even better. Overall, it is a very comfortable band to wear and has a decent battery life just like the other Fitbit bands and hence if this is the kind of fitness stuff you were looking for, then i think you should definitely go for it, and you won’t regret the decision.


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