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Internet of things (IOT) is slowly taking over as more and more people are starting to use it. However, it is still not mainstream and the main reason for the same being lack of devices in most cases. Well, FetchitGO is here to solve all your problems. FetchitGO is a smart IOT controller to control all your smart home appliances that are connected. This allows for a seamless home automation. It has a board kind of looking design wherein you can also write the names of the buttons, etc.

It has 16 buttons which you can configure based on your requirements and this kind of a product well really comes in handy with Raspberry PI and Arduino DIY projects, etc. You are also free to create custom tasks as well and configure them directly to the buttons. Also, FetchitGO is also compatible with Wemo switches, Lifx, Hue, Evernote, Sonos, etc. SO what are you waiting for? Go get your FetchitGo today and create your own home automation system.


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