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EyeQue is a unique piece of technology that is meant to be used with your smartphone. EyeQue is a persona vision tracker which works in unison with your smartphone and does what it is claims to do. It is a very convenient way to check your vision and keep track of the same over time. This is extremely convenient to have something like this with you at home that works flawlessly with your smartphone. It saves a lot of time and effort to go out and get an appointment for the same and get it done outside.

Working with the EyeQue is also very simple and efficient. All you have to do is get the vision assessment done and after a few rounds of measurements, you will get a set of ‘Eyeglass numbers’ just as you would if you go to an ophthalmologist. And then rest is easy. You can take the eyeglass numbers to any store near you or maybe get a pair of glasses online as well. You can also take the readings to your personal eye care specialist if you need to double check and keep track of the same as well. This helps a lot since you can take the readings whenever and wherever you want and maintain a track record of the same to compare over time. Also, the optical device is very small and easy to handle, and you won’t need any special equipment as well other than your smartphone since it uses an app to measure the readings and perform the assessment.

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