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Ekster Parliament Wallet

Ekster Parliament Wallet

Smart wallets nowadays come in different size and shapes. Yes, Smart wallets are a thing now, and everyone wants one. It has become more like a smart fashion accessory. But more specifically it is just a wallet with some neat little features. And today, we are going to be taking a look at something very similar here, and it is called the Parliament which is made by a company in Rotterdam in Netherland which is called Ekster. The aim here is to produce a wallet which capes with time and also overcome the different problems that current day wallets mostly face. And now when you ask the question as to what is a smart wallet, the main difference is that it has an in-built tracker. It uses the low-energy Bluetooth chip to connect to the smartphone.

The Ekster Parliament Wallet can provide some fairly useful features such as separation alert, where the phone will alert you if the wallet is left behind. And not just that, it also rings your phone if you press the inbuilt tracking button and this will mostly come in handy if you left it somewhere inside the house and are trying to find it. Ekster has partnered with a company called Tracker in order to allow buyers to utilize their crowd network. So if in case you happen to loose your wallet, a large number of locators can collaborate and help you recover the wallet. And in terms of other technical specs, it is compatible with both iOS and Android, as long as you have Bluetooth 4.0 The range of the Bluetooth is rated upto 30 meters, and the battery is rated for a life of 6 months before you need to take any action on it like charging with the help of the micro USB port which is protected using a micro USB port. Another cool feature about this wallet is the credit card chamber. Why cool you may ask? Well, first of all, it can hold upto five cards, and it has a slick trigger mechanism which will pop the cards out, and you can use the one you want.

If that is enough for you, then you also have two more slots inside. Even in the practicality department, it earns more point with the help of its cash pocket. There is also a strap where you can store your commonly used card or cash for easy access. It also looks very similar to the standard wallet but it can be thicker than the standard wallet and overall the size if kind of big. Well, another issue you might face is that, once it is fully loaded, it won’t close properly and will budge out. However, this may get better time over usage. Just press a button on your app, and it is paired. Yes, it is as simple as that. Get to the pairing screen and hit his E button in the wallet and you are good to go. All the other features like alert sound, etc. is also found in this one. Overall, the parliament is a practical, good looking wallet that brings some interesting, smart features to the frame. You can also check out the Cashew smart wallet.


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