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Echo Dot

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo which is sold as a Bluetooth speaker is actually more than just a fancy speaker. It is basically Amazon’s way to get into your house hold. It features a digital assistant which they called Alexa. It was definitely great and a good product overall. You can use it activate things and control connected devices as well. And the Echo dot, on the other hand, is just a new version of the same. It looks like the top 2 inches of the echo. And it is most important top inches since it has the microphone. So here is how it works. There is a speaker in itself. But it has an omni directional far-field microphone. So this will allow it hear the hot words from anywhere in the room. And after you know the drill. All you have to do is, give it some commands and lay around with it that way.

Amazon has made it clear that this is their foray into AI and they are trying to minimize the latency as well. And over the past few years, they have managed to pair the Alexa service to a ton of different services, so that works well. As of now, it works well with Spotify, Pandora and many others as well. And not to forget the smart home services like Phillips Hue, Nest cam, and thermostat, etc. The Dot doesn’t have the big beefy speakers. This also costs less as it is only $90 as compared to $180 for the Amazon Echo. Yes, there is a speaker in there, but it is not all that big. Some of the ideal situations would be to use it next to the bed to use it as an alarm clock, or maybe ask it to turn off lights, etc.

Overall maybe i would say that it is little too expensive if you don’t have the smart things and all. So if you are just planning to connect it via Bluetooth or via the audio jack to play the music, then it is a lot. Maybe if you have kids, then they might love talking to Alexa but other than that there is not a lot if you are not into the home automation thing.


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