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Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson’s very first robotic vacuum cleaner is the 360 Eye. This is the result of a 56 million dollars research project that took almost 20 years to complete. And what does it do? Well, it will vacuum your house without having to do anything manually, which in turn will give you more time to do more important things. With that said, this is not the first robot vacuum to hit the market. Other competitors have already done it before and are doing quite good. And that only leaves us with one question, and that is, whether this 360 Eye worth considering? And it better be because we are talking about a $1000 robot here. The vacuum looks like any other Dyson product. If you have already some product from the company, then you will feel like home here. It is well made, well constructed and looks like it directly came from the future. It is fairly small and compact, weighing only 5.3 pounds. Setting it up is also a breeze and it will take like 2-3 minutes to get going. All you have to do is, plug in the adapter to the wall and decide which side to connect into the dock. Charge it up for the first time and you will see the pop up on your smartphone to connect. You need to be connected to a 2.4GHz network. Once connected successfully, you can then control the machine with your smartphone.

Start/stop, monitor battery life, and schedule the cleaning, etc. are some of the things which you can do from the smartphone. It will also show you the mapping of the cleaning track it takes to do so. And every single time when it goes to clean the house, it will remap the whole track again, and the company says it does so to avoid any collision in case people have moved any furniture, etc. Now talking about how it works and how good is it when compared to others? Inside this little guy is a 78,000 RPM motor and Dyson’s patented radio root cyclone technology. The company claims that this has twice the suction than any other robot in the market Yes, it is not going to be powerful than any other handheld vacuum cleaner in the market, but it gets close enough. It is powerful enough to keep your floor dust free. Most of the time, it will slow down on carpets, but it never got stuck. It uses tank tracks which make it pretty good at what it does. This is the reason why it moves slower, but this extra friction makes it go over a lot of things. The brush on the bottom which cleans the floor, is made up of nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments With this; it can go to all the nooks, and crane’s in the room. As long as there are no stairs or other objects to block it, it will do a good job of cleaning the area.

The Dyson 360 Eye can last upto 30-40 minutes depending on your floor types. And if it needs to charge, then it will go back to the base, charge up in about 2-3 hours and then again continue from where it left off. And just like any other cleaner, you need to make sure that there are no wires or socks, etc. before scheduling a clean. And also, this guy needs some light to function, and if the room is pitch black, it won’t know where to go. And now for the closing thoughts, there is no doubt that the Dyson 360 Eye is a cool product. It is easy to setup, easy to schedule and allows you to control it through Dyson’s app. Charging time is fairly quick and the cleaning time is a little slow. The bottom line is, it not the perfect vacuum cleaner, but none of the robotic ones are. But this one is the best one when it comes to robotic ones. You can also check out the others like the one from Roomba. And for the price, this is not for everyone, and maybe the handheld vacuum from the company will do a better job. But hey, this is the future, then why not give it a shot.


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