How to Download Windows 8.1 Final Version & Update from Windows 8 to 8.1

The Windows 8.1 OS version is finally out, and those who are already using the Windows 8 official version, can easily update to the new 8.1 version by going to the updates section in their computer. The 8.1 version is said to come with a lot of new features, upgrades and all this is expected to provide a lot better user experience.

For the users who are already using the Windows 8 OS, they need to go to the Windows Store where the update is available for free. For those who haven’t used the Windows 8 and directly wanted to start with the 8.1, Microsoft is selling the retail version of Win 8.1 now, and that is priced at US $119.99. The pro version of the same, for those who are dedicated users and actually need a lot more than the simple OS, it would cost US $199.99 for the Windows 8.1 Pro version.

Windows 8.1

Download Windows 8.1

For users who wanted to download the Windows 8.1 without a hassle of the Windows Store app, they can go to the Microsoft link and download the upgrade assistant which does the updating a lot easier, just like there was an install assistant when you were installing the Windows 8 for the first time.

Download link

Check this video below if you wanted to download and update the OS to Windows 8.1 by going to the Windows Store where you might already seen an option to update the OS version.

Now, although Microsoft calls it a big update and are trying sell this as one separate OS version, we are not totally convinced with that because although there are quite a few upgrades, it’s nothing you can call as revolutionary. There is a lot of personalization added, with the ability to change the colors and the backgrounds in the start screen, and the interesting part is that you can add motion based backgrounds.

Many criticized the Windows 8 for not including the start button in the OS, thus Microsoft finally included that back in the Win 8.1. The Internet Explorer 11 comes with a better touch performance, and that continues from the IE 10 version which was called as one “built for touch”. There is a better PC settings area in the 8.1, which provides the ability to access things like display settings, power options and resolution directly.

Do let us know if you face any issues while trying to download the Windows 8.1 version.

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