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The temple run for the iOS has already counted for more than 100 million downloads and there have been millions of ratings for the game, getting the best ratings and it didn’t limit itself to the iOS devices, but was made available for the Android OS too where more than 50 million downloads were noticed. Now, the makers of the game have come up with the next version of it – the Temple Run 2 with some excellent changes and modifications and a lot more, and this is available for the Apple users as of now, and Android users will have to wait for the release of it in the Play Store.

Temple Run 2 Game iPad 2 Temple Run 2 Game iPad 2 Temple Run 2 Game iPad 8

The Temple Run 2 is a new game with a totally different track for people to run on, and the demon monkey running behind the character has become a lot bigger. There are different levels one has to cross, different objectives one has to achieve and the characters are unlocked after a certain number of coins are collected by the character.

You can even purchase coins using the In-app purchase option, where the application would charge money through your credit card that is linked, if you wanted to purchase the coins directly without playing and collecting them. The game hasn’t got much settings, but there is a leaderboard which is always a common one through the Apple Game Center.
Instead of just running and jumping around, this new version of the game has got fires coming out of the walls, ropes which have to held while trying to slide from a place to the other, obstacles include the rolling stones and a lot more stuff.

Temple Run 2 Game iPad 3 Temple Run 2 Game iPad 4 Temple Run 2 Game iPad 10

Each level has got three challenges to complete, and once you are done with that, you are advanced to the next level and you get a new name along with it. As the game progresses, the challenges get harder. You can keep collecting the diamonds and use them when you use a life, and an option is available there named “Save Me” which resumes the game from where the character has lost his life, but based on the level of the game, the number of diamonds to be spent, is decided.

Temple Run 2 Game iPad 13 Temple Run 2 Game iPad 14

The Temple Run 2 game for the iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and the iPod touch is all available through the App Store in the devices, or through the iTunes store (link). The game is available free of cost, and it is optimized for the iPhone 5 and the larger screen devices like Apple iPad and the iPad Mini where the better graphics quality is produced by the game itself and you don’t need to enlarge the game app. Below is a demo and review that we did:

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