DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

There are tons of drones available out there in the market right now. But they all have their own features and drawbacks. Consider DJI Phantom 4 for instance. It is one of the best drones ever launched in the market, and it is probably as good as it going to get. But still, there are limitations here as well. It is huge in size is the most pain to carry around with you. So in that case, you want something that is compact in size, and at the same time, lets take those mesmerizing shots. There comes the DJI Mavic Pro This is the only thing comes to people’s mind when they talk about a portable drone that can do pretty much anything you want. This drone is one of those things which you can take with you, regardless of where you go. This is possibly the only drone in the market of this size that can shoot 4K stabilized footage. It might not look like it, but the Mavic has all the features of the Phantom 4, packed to a size that is truly mobile. Unlike Phantom 4, the Mavic folds in on itself. This means that the arms and pros don’t stick out, which makes it insanely small. It is easy to use and possibly easier than the Phantom 4. Since the propellers fold up, you no longer have to worry about mounting them, and if you are staying within a small area, you don’t even have to use a controller.

Using the Mavic Pro is as simple as connecting it via Wi-Fi, calibrating the compass and then take off! And as far as flight mechanics go, it feels like the Mavic flies better than the Phantom 4. Now you might argue that but it feels so, maybe because of the size. And speaking of the Phantom 4, the Mavic Pro has a front facing obstacle avoidance, and so far it seems work pretty well, but we have to do more testing to see if it has improved. Another thing to talk about is the video quality. It is on par with the Phantom 4, if not better. Obviously, the cameras are different in both of them so you ought to notice a difference but with that said, the difference is minute and nothing to worry about. This is still one of the best one out there when you talk about the video quality. And now the last thing which you need to know about the Mavic Pro is the controller. For this drone, they have a completely new controller design which is super small and it is way smaller than the one they have with the Phantom 4. The bottom section folds out to your smartphone. One of the reasons why you might want to use the controller is a long range, 1080p live video feed, a dedicated LCD screen to more info. All in all, DJI Mavic is everything that we expected it to be. The new features like active track mode, and new terrain follows mode are a welcome addition. So if you are in the market for a new drone, then this is the way to go.


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