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Coway AP-1012GH

Coway AP-1012GH

Air Purifiers are one of the essential things which you need to have at your home. Just like your regular home appliances, then are also becoming mainstream now and are occupying a space in everyone’s house as a necessity. However, if you are in the market for an air purifier today, you have a ton of options. Few of them come with filters, while few of them use other methods to purify the air. So again, the choice becomes very difficult. Well, today, we are going to take a look at one such option which might be the ideal air purifier for you. It is the Coway AP-1012GH.

The Coway AP-1012GH is compact, quiet and an efficient tower purifier, which comes with a few drawbacks. It lacks the purification capabilities to handle mid-size or large rooms. However on the other hand, if you need help managing odors and allergies in a small enclosure, this should get the job done effectively. This Air Purifier uses a three-filter design to capture indoor pollutants. The first one i.e., the mesh pre-filter traps the large particles. Carbon filter absorbs odors and the HEPA filter captures allergens like pollen. But as mentioned earlier, it is ideal for small sized rooms only. And although it uses the HEPA filter, it hardly matches the filtration capabilities of many of the other purifiers.

It has an air-quality sensor that helps to regulate the fan speeds while it is in the auto-mode. Depending upon the level of airborne pollutants, the air quality sensor changes the fan speed to maximize the filtration process and main the clean environment. There is a LED light on the front as well which changes colors and indicates the amount of pollution. Many people also complain about the fact that it does not come with a remote control. But since it is only suitable to be operated in small rooms, you won’t be in need for one.

Overall, the Coway AP-1012GH is a compact and a great air purifier which is quiet and gets the job done nicely. Most of the purification capabilities come from its ionizer which sets electromagnetically charged particles into the room. Well, if you are trying to take control of the whole air situation in the room, then this is probably the one to go for. While this is a good option, you also might want to keep an eye on your listing now and then as we keep adding more new products quite often. So stay tuned for more products like this.


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