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When it comes to smart home security devices, there are a lot of options available in the market. However, the Cocoon is something out of the ordinary. Cocoon is smart home security device which you can use just like any other smart home security devices. It is eligible to be called smarter than mainstream devices as it uses SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activities in its surroundings. This is quite unique in its own way since there aren’t many devices using this technology and hence it gives a new experience altogether.

Cocoon is also smart enough to understand your daily activities and learn what is normal in your life. This allows it not to send a false alarm if in case it detects a motion which is completely under control. However, once it senses something abnormal, it will instantly send a high quality video stream of the same to your smartphone. At this point, it is complete upto users to take whatever action they feel safe or feel appropriate. Not just that, users can also use this a monitoring devices as well. You can keep a tab on your kids on what they are doing or alternatively, you can also keep an on eye on your baby next room. Above all, there is no need to configure or set it to take actions.

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