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We, humans, have a lot of options when it comes to entertainment. We can do a lot of different things like play video games, watch movies or go out for fun, etc. But what about your pet animal? If you have ever wished that your pet dog and play along with you along with your gaming console, well, it is indeed quite possible. CleverPet is a gaming console for dogs and cats. Now how it works is, you fill it with your pet’s favorite dry food. There are three capacitive touch pads at the bottom that it can press in order to dispense food. But not just that, you can also teach it to play games as well.

To get started, the lights will flash up, and your pet needs to press on the touchpad to dispense the treat. This might be quite difficult at the beginning, but as the time goes on, your pet will get used to it and it will be more aware the every other time it goes there for a treat. You can also set a certain order to dispense the treat. The best part is, it is also interconnected to your smartphone via an App. You can see things like how much food your pet has eaten and also check things like reaction times as well. Quite impressive right?

Well if you are in the market for this product, the CleverPet is available for pre-order and the full price which you need to pay for this is $299 which roughly translates to about 20,000 INR. At this price, it is indeed an expensive gift for your pet animals but it will change the way your pet takes its treats. It is a great way to keep your pet some company while you are away from work or just out for shopping. For more info on this and other products like this, be sure to stay tuned to Gizmo Report.


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