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Chasing Vapour Clouds

Eon Myx Vape

Driving around in Hyderabad, there was a scene I was used to seeing outside corporate complexes: groups of employees huddling together for a tea and smoke break. A small group of smokers was enough to create a dense persistent cloud.

Eon Myx Vape

Now, several years later, I seem to notice a change. Employees who love their drags don’t head out that often to the nearest tea seller and cigarette vendors. Well, they don’t have to. Instead, they love blowing vapour clouds with their vaping devices. They are not as dense and wither away into thin air. The vapour clouds and the devices fascinated me. To know more, I went along chasing these vapour clouds with my smoker friends. As a tech enthusiast, I was interested in the technology that’s sweeping the smoking industry.

I got to know more about vaping from some of my friends who smoke. I found that the key difference between regular and electronic cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes don’t burn nicotine containing tobacco. Instead, e-cigarettes heat up an e-liquid that contains nicotine. This releases vapour that is inhaled by the user. The vapour cloud is not smoke and does not affect people around you, resulting in zero passive smoking. Depending on the variety, the vaping devices can be reused multiple times after charging.

Eon Myx Vape

Now that vaping is picking up in smoking circles in India, several brands have come up with e-cigarette variants. Among my friends who have started vaping, I noticed that several of them love EON Myx. I took a closer look at the device that looks no different than a regular high-end cigarette. I have to appreciate the fact that someone thought of putting in a red LED light at the end of the stick that ‘lights’ up every time you take a puff, just like a cigarette. Given that vaping takes care of the anxiety that comes with smoking, it is a great option for those trying to quit. My friends have noticed a marked difference in their smoking habits. They love the fact that vaping recreates the regular smoking experience without as many harmful effects. Having worked in a professional environment, I know how smoking is a popular excuse for getting out of office and blowing up arguments and frustrations with the smoke. It lures everyone from junior employees to senior directors.

From what I have heard, some people now vape even within office premises. It sounds odd, but it’s possible because vaping doesn’t release any harmful smoke. This seems to be quite a shift in the professional world. While there is a surge in e-cigarette usage, its overall share in the global tobacco market is very small. Apart from Myx e-cigarettes, you can also find EON Charge which comes with an additional cartridge and a USB charger.

My friends found the disposable EON Myx to be quite affordable as one cigarette gives about 450 puffs at Rs.400. It comes in a variety of flavors – Samba Swirl, Rich Red, Mint Mojo, and Coffee Crush. The widespread adoption of vaping is helping several people quit smoking. After knowing that, I have recommended EON Myx to several people who smoke.

As for me, I am just glad my journey of chasing the vapour clouds allowed me to know more about the technology used in an e-cigarette held between two fingers.


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