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Virtual Reality as a technology has evolved a lot over time. And especially in 2016, things have taken a huge leap in the field of virtual reality. We saw some of the best implementation of VR for public/consumers like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, etc. While we still have a lot to explore here, the AR still remains an uncharted territory. Yes, we did see some neat implementations here and there like with the Pokemon Go app which became viral. But other than that, things have been particularly silent. However, just as we saw some slow development with the VR, AR is also seeing some advancements. And talking about advancements, the CastAR is probably the best bet as of now. So by now, it should be quite clear to you that CastAR is an AR based headset and not VR. And potentially this could be the future of gaming after the VR technology. So the basic idea here is, it has two projectors at the top of the glass. Using these projectors, you can project onto a specific type of a surface. And once you do that, it then has like an FOV of what you are seeing or would see in the game. Although it is nothing like VR, it is a completely new take on gaming.

The CastAR also has a VR attachment, which could essentially make it more like VR device as well. But it is mostly glasses with two projectors on them that will project the images on the surface. With this, you get a very different experience, as though you are in the game but not completely immersed. That might not be the best experience for most people who are looking for a complete immersion into the game but is definitely something new. And another most important difference to note here is that you will not get any motion sickness as well since you are constantly seeing your room and your environment. It also comes with something called as a magic wand which is essentially a controller to control the whole thing. This controller has buttons, analog joystick, triggers and a removable end piece. It is basically a single joystick with which you can interact and move things around. You can also play board games and everything, and it works absolutely fine. So the whole idea behind it is really cool, and once consumers will be able to buy it, this will be more popular than the current VR offerings that are there in the market. It is also expected that the final version which will be available in the market will have several changes like reduced weight, overall improvement to image and the video quality as well as the style.

When you buy the CastAR once it comes out, you will not only get the glasses, but you will also get the surface on which you will be projecting everything. Overall, this seems to be a very interesting project and definitely something that you should be trying out once they come out. On the same lines of HoloLens, we expect some huge advancements here as well.


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