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Cashew Smart Wallet

Cashew Smart Wallet

With the growing technological advancements, our gadgets which we use on a day-to-day basis are getting smarter day by day. Everyday, a new gadget is released, and the next thing you know is they are smarter than the older one and can do something new. So when you talk about the world getting smarter, there are certain things which need to be managed in a smarter way. For instance, money. Why aren’t we managing money smartly yet? Well, we can. That is exactly why smart wallets are there in the market today. The whole idea behind making a wallet smart is making your life easy. And cashew wallet is something that you definitely might want to look into. What is it? It is a fingerprint accessible; GPS-enabled smart wallet, and it is expected to revolutionize and replace the traditional wallets which we have been using for centuries.

You might be thinking that it is going to be a lot of work to use this, but it’s not. It is absolutely easy to use. All you have to do is download the cashew app on your smartphone, and just sync them using Bluetooth. You have to register your fingerprint to the app, and that’s it. The battery life is insane, and it can last you for nine months, The biometric fingerprint reader and the specially designed electric latch will give you exclusive access to the wallet. All the unauthorized users will be locked out immediately. And another interesting feature is if you are trying to find the wallet then you can simply use the ‘buzz my wallet’ feature and find it instantly. The wallet has always connected the smartphone via Bluetooth, and it has sensors which work greatly with your smartphones. And if in case you leave the cashew wallet behind somewhere, the phone will ring an give you a notification alerting you about the same. With that said, if you want a smart wallet then this is worth taking a look into.


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