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BRISE Air Purifier

BRISE Air Purifier

Air Purifiers are nothing new for most people. They are at the majority of people’s homes and are being used widely across the globe. So the manufacturers who are trying to the enter the market now needs to come up with something groundbreaking to get people’s attention. Well, that is exactly what we are looking at here with BRISE Air Purifier. Yes, according to the company, this is the first Air Purifier with Artificial Intelligence. Now, what does it means to an average consumer who is in the market to buy an Air Purifier? Well, there are a few things. BRISE A.I. Technology maximizes the fresh, healthy air you breathe anytime and can smartly adjust to meet your requirements. It basically learns more about you and gives personalized clean air environment for your everyday activities. And just like an ordinary Air Purifier, this one has a lot of new features which might make it the ideal air purifier for your needs.

Using BRISE is also very easy. All you have to do is tell your preference and room conditions and leave the rest to it. With its advanced built-in sensors and computing algorithms, it will clean your air at any circumstance with the optimal filter efficiency. And above all, BRISE comes with an app as well which make things easier than ever. This BRISE App can provide collet information about your room type, room size, personal preference. Once all these info are loaded, the rest is upto BRISE, and it will ensure that you get the best air possible. It has an exclusive 6-layer air cleaning system, which can filter particles of all sizes safeguarding you and your family members from harm. In order to ensure the air released is as clean as possible, it utilizes photocatalyst technology to destroy harmful bio-organic compounds.

6-Layer Air Cleaning System
* Carbon pre-filter: dander, fur/hair, dust filter
* Anti-bacteria filter
* HEPA filter: cleaning PM2.5 particles
* VOC filter: absorbing harmful chemical vapors
* TiO2+UV LED: inhibiting bacterial and molds
* Ionic: maintaining fresh air

It ensures to keep your environment free from particles including allergens, germs, industrial pollutants (PM2.5), odors, and other chemicals (VOCs). Few key points to note about the Design are –

* Appearance: clear and clean top indicator panel
* Minimal physical and move-able buttons: longer lifetime ownership
* Compact design: backpack size, A4 size of bottom area
* Hassle-free filter replacement management
* Silent and eco-friendly motor design
* Panel lighting brightness can be adjusted during sleeping
* User-friendly App interface design for settings and controls
* Comprehensive App dashboard: home health overview and real-time operation statistics

At the time of writing this, it is still in crowd funding phase with an estimated arrival time of April 2017. If you want an air purifier immediately, then you can check out our other listing like the one from Coway which works really well.


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