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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose is trying to spice up your life by adding some colors here with their newest line up of speakers. It comes in five different colors, and it really gives some variety to your decor style. Bose is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to Bluetooth speakers with their sound link series. These sound link color always retails for around a $130 and for this price, when you compare it with the other Bluetooth speakers in the market, it falls right in the middle of both high and low end. The first think you will actually is that it is quite small. Yes, in the photos it might look a little bit bigger, but it definitely is a lot smaller than it looks in person. It fits conveniently on the side of a person’s palm. It is 5 inches wide, 5.3 inches tall and a little over 2 inches thick. And deviating from the other sound link products, it is not constructed using metal. It is actually hard plastic with silicone rubbers on the sides for grip. Overall the construction is pretty durable, but if you are used to premium speakers from Bose, then you will not feel at home here. The buttons do feel a little hollow as though there is an air pocket and once you are about to press a button, it recesses down a bit before the actual click. So you will definitely feel different when holding other sounding product.

At the back of the SoundLink, there is a base port up top and at the bottom right is the micro USB and AUX port. Bose claims the battery life to be good for about 8 hours of usage. And from the regular testing leaving the volume at 50 percent you can get upto 10 hours of usage out of this guy. And regarding the range, just like any other Bluetooth speakers, you can take it away upto 30 feet from the unit. Despite the fact that it misses some of the features like having NFC for pairing it or using USB port o charge other devices, this speaker sounds really good. Bose Bluetooth speakers are really good, and they do set the bars high for all the other speakers out there. When you first turn on the speaker, it is going to sound a bit low. That too when compared to some other speakers, the volume here on 50-percent is less. But where it really shines is when you keep it up at 100-percent. It is as loud as the Sony X5 and it is also as loud as the older Bose soundlink 2, which is pretty impressive for such a small speaker and at a lower price point.

Now this can fill small rooms like the dorm rooms, secondary bedrooms, apartments, etc. and does decent for medium sized rooms. And for sound quality, the only thing you will feel missing is a little bit of base. You can notice this immediately that there is a lack of base. There isn’t much depth of warmth in this speaker but the loudness does make it up for that absence. For bluetooth speakers, the mids and highs are clear at all the way up at a 100-percent volume. Even the voices are very distinct with very minimal distortion. Bose has always done well, not creating ear ringing tanginess to say for the color line up here. Again, if you are into music which is more focused on beats and base or hip-hop, rap and EDMS, this speaker will not get your head banging. But if your strong with your vocals, guitars playing under the bridge by the red hot chilly peppers, you will be really happy with the results for a small Bluetooth speaker. So this was just a quick review on this guy, but if you want something else, then you might want to check out UE BOOM 2.


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