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AirPods are probably one of the most controversial product launched by Apple this year. While they are a great pair of earphones suitable for listening to music, they cost a lot of money and most people will not prefer the AirPods for that particular reason. However, a lot of people also complain about the fact they Apple is not offering them in any other color. But the BlackPods are here to solve just that issue for you.

If you are wondering what BlackPods are, they are nothing but the same AirPods in Black Color. Do make a note that the company is not making a new pair of earphones altogether and selling them separately. These are simply the same AirPods which you can get from Apple but in black color. It is simply a work of custom paint job on the stock AirPods. Also, if you have already purchased a pair of Apple AirPods then you can send in that as well to get it painted instead of buying a new one.


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