Big I Robot

Big I Robot

Home Automation has seen a lot of development over the course of time. Back then, the idea of having a functional robot of some sort seemed quite distant if not impossible. And now here we are today, talking and discussing robots that can make your lives that much easier. If you are in the market for a robot to take care of your day-to-day activities, it is very much possible. While the smart assistants that are available in the market like Amazon Echo, etc. are smart, they are still not there yet. However, we do have some of the options which you can look into, if you are interested in grabbing one. Although selecting one out of the list is quite difficult, you cannot go wrong with the Big I. Big I, unlike Alexa, Google Home, etc. is a robot which will follow you around the house. As weird as it may sound, it may come in handy. Closely resembling a trash can, the Big I stands tall with a huge eye on top. If you are not able to get an idea of how it looks, then take a look at the images. It looks appealing in a way. On top of it, it has some beat functionalities which will make you go WOW! This inhuman thing can see, hear, move and even respond to your voice commands if you program it. You can simply ask it to remind something in particular scenarios which you might forget otherwise. Let’s say, you ask the Big I to remind you to wear a jacket while you leave from home, it will do so the moment you are about to step out of the house. Quite interesting right?

The Big I Robot uses facial recognition, motion tracking, sound localization, etc. to understand you and what you are about to do, etc. While it might be quite awkward for you to have a robot constantly stalking you, it will grow on you as you use it. It has a 3D vision along with auto-navigation and all the other good features which you would expect from a robot in the 21st century. Using it is also a breeze. All you have to do is introduce yourself to the robot, and it will learn who you are. It can also identify your family members and will be able to distinguish between who you are and what your command is. You have to use it to experience its full potential. And not just this, it’s open API and unique operating system allows for a lot of room for improvements and customization as well. In addition, what we have right now, more and more smart appliances will be compatible with this guy in the future. It can learn from what it does and get better everytime you use it. However, for you to use all these features and get the most out of it, you may have to wait. At the time of writing, it is not available yet. It is still in development with an estimated shipping date of April 2017. However, we do believe that once this goes on sale, it will attract a lot of eyes indeed. Just make sure you have other smart appliances before grabbing this one.


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