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Belkin NetCam

Belkin NetCam

If you have ever purchased the drop cam for monitoring things in and around your house, then you already know that it still works great. But if you take a look at what is in the market right now, Belkin Netcam is one of the offerings. Although Belkin makes differnet tiers of network cameras the cheaper model which we are reviewing here today should be just fine. This guy retails for about $99 and keeps fluctuating for around the same price. The Belkin Netcam is very simple, offering the camera itself along with the power adapter and some wall mounting screws. It is very light with an adjustable base and also an adjustable neck which offers a full 360-degree rotation. And a full 180-degree tilt. Finding the right location and angle would be an issue. Overall, the neck can be tightened down, and since it is so light, it can stay fixed in one place. At the back of the camera, you have your power input and the ethernet port if you decide not to go wireless. And speaking about its connection strength here, its connection has been quite impressive. Leaving it downstairs to the other side of the house where the another router is, it was still connected. Yes, everyone router is different but if in case you have a good router with a good signal strength, you should be just fine. Overall, the build is straight forward and great.

Setting the Belkin NetCam up is also quite easy. All you have to do is download the app which works for both apple and android powered device. Up next, plug in the camera and setup the account and that’s practically it. It connects automatically once you sign in. The resolution here will go upto a maximum of 640 x 480, and that is bad i way, but this is what you should be expecting from a camera of this price. Some people may be fine with it and that’s basically what they will need. And to be honest, if you are not compressing it with any other competitor out there, it should be just fine. And apart from the drop in resolution, the wideness of lens also matters. Here it is a bit more narrow showing 64 degrees of horizontal viewing. Now keep in mind that the resolution stated earlier is also of 4:3 aspect ratio. And here within the app, you cannot zoom in and see the details on the screen as well. But do keep in mind that the video you see isn’t bad by any means. The audio is also not sensitive as you might like it to be. You can still hear noises, but it is faint at best. It is not as clear or amplified as other brands that you might have seen earlier. And each time you start a video feed to view the video footage, you have to click on the microphone icon to hear the audio. Also, do make a note that you can also record the current feed as well as take screenshots from the feed.

Belkin also offers cloud recording for storing photos and videos. Again do make a note here that the video storage to the cloud is only reserved for the HD models. And yes, the could recording is not free as well. But it does offer motion detection. So as soon as someone or something gets into the frame, it will alert you via email but not through a push notification like drop cam. Well, if you want the push notification, then you have to sign up for the cloud recording. But the night vision in this thing is absolutely phenomenal. Even in pitch black condition, you will be able to see pets much everything in the room. So overall, for the price of $99, it is seriously on the lower end of things and giving credit for being a low-end device, it still performs what it claims to do. Yes, the audio could be way better than what it is, but if that is not your concern and if you can live with the low resolution, then this is a pretty good option.


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