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Beats by Dre PowerBeats 3

Beats by Dre PowerBeats 3

The PowerBeats 3 makes a return as a successor to the previous version and this time it comes under Apple’s ownership. The pricing, however, remains the same at $199 which translates to about 13,500 INR. Yes, with that pricing, these certainly are on the higher end of pricing, but it looks like they have justified the pricing this time. Starting by going over the physical features, the build is solid, and the adjustable earbuds are perfect for all the activities like running, etc. The tangle free cord makes a return, and the in-line volume controller is once again very clicker and very responsive. The unit is sweat and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet, etc. Some people like the in-ear method as they like the sound isolation and some would say it is uncomfortable. Although the powerboats 3 are comfortable, they do let some sound in, and it can be annoying for some people.

Regarding the battery life, Beats claims that they can last upto 12 hours which is as a matter of fact quite high for a pair of mainstream earbuds. Overall on the battery life, we would say that it is somewhat achievable which was quite surprising. Also because of the W1 chip inside, Apple claims that it has the better wireless range and yes, they are indeed excellent. Once you purchase them, your only problem could be with the carrying case which is rather unusual with the open mouth. And talking about the sound quality, if you talk about the base, these earbuds offers a sub-base level that much other sports earphones don’t offer. Indeed the vocals and the mids might get a little muddy, but if you are a base head, then this will be a treat.

The high for certain genres, on the other hand, sound a bit sharp though and at times, it might force to you to lower the volume for extended listening. One of the quality that the powerboats surely has is the openness of the soundstage. The sounds from left and right audio channels have tons of audio separation, and even the direction of the sound from the front or behind you is very noticeable. It is really impressive for a pair of sports earphone. Overall, it is a quality pair of headphones. The battery life is one of the best here, and the wireless range is the best in today’s date, and these will stay on the most peoples head perfectly fine.


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