ASUS Zenbo Robot

ASUS Zenbo Robot

Smart Robots are becoming too mainstream now as more and more manufacturers are getting on board. We already have a couple of offering from different manufacturers and most of them already quite popular in the market. On the same lines, earlier this year, ASUS also decided to get onboard this race and make its robot. And the outcome of this? Zenbo! A smart little companion that looks not only good but also functions great and helps you get over your day-to-day tasks much easier. And above all, it looks gorgeous with a round bottom and a nice cylindrical face with the display. Anyone from kids to seniors can use this small little robot from ASUS. According to the company, it is not just a robot; it is also a home manager, security guard, a hands-free kitchen assistant and a family photographer as well. That’s a lot of roles right? But it looks like it will not have any problems whatsoever in handling them. It looks different than any other robots out there in the market, and that is maybe due to the fact that it has a display on the front in which you will be seeing different expressions based on what it is doing etc.

The ASUS Zenbo Robot works just like any other assistant like Amazon Echo or something along those lines, but it is way more fun in this case since you are not just talking about a random product which just sits there on your table. You can use the display on its face as a standalone tablet also and do various tasks like buy products online or any other shopping, etc. For instance, you can ask it to read out the recipe out loud while you are cooking or maybe even initiate a phone or a video call when you need it urgently. You don’t have to fiddle around with gestures or anything like that. All you have to do is just talk. It truly is quite impressive. You can always watch the video from the company which explains everything, to know more about what this robot can do in detail as the company has mentioned pretty much everything there. Now coming to the pricing and availability, this robot is priced at $599 which is still less expensive than other competition robots in the market. It stands about your knee height and is extremely adorable to look at and is way more fun to play around with as well. If you want to take a look at other robots also, then you can do that a well, but it is highly doubtful that you will find one who looks this good and is so much fun to use as well. Now it is upto you, to decide if you want to pick up this cute little robot or simply use your boring old tablet to get things done.


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