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Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

From chargers to headphones, everything is moving towards a wireless solution and manufacturers already getting onboard this change. We already have a bunch of these wireless products on the market, and wireless earphones are nothing new to us. A pair of truly wireless that are already available in the market is Samsung Gear IconX. On the same lines, Apple also joined the race and had launched their own pair of truly wireless earbuds. They are called the AirPods, and as the name suggests, they are very similar to the existing pair of ear pods but without the wires.

Apple AirPods are more than just wireless earbuds. They are smart and have some unique set of features. They are powered by Apple custom made W1 Chip which is said to give better wireless connectivity and better battery life. This chip also allows for a seamless pairing experience as well. On top of all this, the AirPods can not only used with the Apple devices like iPhones, iPods & iPads but also with Android devices and others as well. Apple claims that you will get about 5 hours of listening out of a single charge, however, if you run out of juice then the carrying cradle also packs some extra juice to get through more hours.


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