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Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Anker products are quite great in general, and when you talk about speakers, things have been considerably good. Yes, they are more known for things like battery packs, but they do have some loyal and impressed customers when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. Today we are taking a look at the anger SoundCore and see if it’s actually good. Well, the log story short, the answer is yes, it is great. Anker kept things very simple with the sound core. In the box, you will get the speaker, a smaller box with the USB charging cable and that’s it. The speaker isn’t flashy or over the top by any means. It has a minimal design and can be easily overlooked within the line of speakers. With that said, it isn’t ugly by any means. It is small black rectangle made of soft plastic all the way around. The front of the speaker is made out of the grill. The grill has the Anker name on it in White, and it is one of two places where you will find the Anker branding on the speaker, the other being on the back. So if you are one of those who doesn’t like brands sticking their names all over the product, then you will like this a lot. In a way, it helps to differentiate from all the smaller rectangles in this category. The buttons up top are nice and snug, but the only thing that hurts me about the design is the small LED light within the grill. It flashes blue when connected and changes to red when the battery is low. However, the light is slightly off centred because of the driver placement. But this should not be a big deal for most people.

The speaker feels solid enough, but if you are looking for something more durable, then this won’t last long. Connectivity was little above average for a speaker this price range. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and range upto for about 60 ft. Once it gets beyond the range, it starts to stutter and skip the data. The buttons on top also work great. You can pause and play music and control the volume from within the device. At the side of the speakers, there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack for anyone who uses a source device which isn’t Bluetooth compatible. Battery life for the sound core is also great. Anker claims that it lasts upto 24 hours of constant playback and with it is actually quite reliable indeed. So if you don’t want to worry about charging your device a lot, then this should be quite good. Regarding the volume, the lows of the speakers are pretty much what you would expect from a speaker of this kind. That said the lows are not all that clean. This small speaker tries to push the base; it ends up sounding fake or muddy. For the most part, mids were nice and smooth. The time you will hear some off is when some of heaviest guitar will loose it crunchiness. Besides that, vocals and acoustic guitars were just fine. The big end in the sound core definitely had some harshness at the maximum volume, but only a little. The predation elements were slightly piercing, but like a lot of speakers, lowering the volume will make it just fine.

Without a doubt, the SoundCore is a really good speaker by Anker. The sound to size to the price ratio is amazing. And also if you are tied to a speaker with a short battery life, this is definitely a good option to go with. 24 hours of constant playback is a bold claim to make, but Anker manages to live upto it without sacrificing on anything else. They are really raising the bar for what we should expect for this price point.


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