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AmpliFi HD

AmpliFi HD

If you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi router range at your house, then all you need is the AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi Router. This is a very simple product and as the name suggests it is a Wi-Fi router which will give you a total and seamless connectivity throughout every corner of your home. This device is a dual-band 802.11AC 3X3 MIMO Wi-Fi system and if you don’t what that means, well, let’s just say it is going to allow for a super fast connection.

The AmpiFi HD Wi-Fi router also offers a secure WPA2-PSK AES/TKIP encryption, which is very easy to set up as well. The router comes with five gigabit Ethernet ports out of which one of them is WAN and the other fours are for LAN. One of the main attraction is that it comes with an intuitive touchscreen on the front which makes it a lot easier to use. Overall, it is the perfect Wi-Fi router for your home which will offer you best connection at any given time.

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