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Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Echo is the Bluetooth with a digital assistant that can be used to control smart home devices etc. That one is more like an advanced one which is huge and for most people it is quite bigger than usual. The Amazon Tap, on the other hand, is a smaller one maybe like a medium sized speaker which also comes with the Alexa. This guy retails for a $129 which is more than the Echo Dot but less than Echo. Make sure you the Alexa app downloaded before trying to set this up. Do make a note that Amazon offers 9 hours of battery life but you might end up draining quickly. It’s got the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth right into it.

Just go to the app and follow the instruction to set it up for the first time. Do make a note that this doesn’t have the ability to hear the hot word and function and instead of that, you need to tap the button and say your command. Well, that is pretty much understood and since the name Amazon Tap. Once you tap and ask it, it works pretty much just like the Echo or Dot since the resources used are just the same. You can also connect the tap to your home connected network to use devices like the thermostat, lights, etc. You can also make this work with the Samsung Smart things.

Even the music/audio quality is also good. Don’t expect it to match some of the best ones out there but it is not all that bad either. So overall, the Amazon Tap is a decent portable speaker, and it sounds good enough for the price point. It also has the Alexa functionality which makes it worth the price which you are paying for it. The voice prompts are the highlight here and make it stands out than the other regular speakers.


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