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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

If you are one of those who thinks that the Amazon Echo can just be placed in your living room to make things look nice and play music, then you are wrong. Yes, it an assistant that connects to your Wi-Fi, but there’s a lot more to it. This black cylinder like structure is actually a Bluetooth speaker, but then again, it is not just your ordinary speaker. It is a personal assistant to which you can talk, and it will respond back to you. Its name is Alexa, but don’t worry if your name is Alexa or someone else at your home has the same name, then you can change it in the settings menu. Now talking about the build quality, it is quite solid indeed. On the lower half bottom of the device, you have small little dots which are basically the speaker grills and on the very top; there is a small LED ring light which lights up when it is taking to you or vice-versa.

Apart from housing just the lights, you can also turn the top to lower or raise the volume of the speaker. At the top, there are two buttons and at the bottom is where you connect it to the power. Overall, the design us great and it looks flawless in any room you put it in. Since it is a speaker, it will definitely play music from your device. Once your device is synced, all you have to do is just ask it to play the music, and you are good to go. Don’t expect any great music quality here but it surely is good enough for the most of the regular music and can really bring life to your room with a nice background music. Do make a note that you also get a remote to control it manually as well. And yes, since it is an assistant, it can answer all the questions which you will throw at it. It will quickly search the internet and pull the answer right away.

The app that you can download for the same is also really helpful, and it tells everything that you need to know. But probably the only problem that one might have is that it needs to be plugged in, inorder for it to work. If you want to say move it to any other room, then you have unplugged it and then reconnect and power on again. I wish the next gen Amazon Echo will come with a built-in battery with it. But it is just a small issue and can be neglected when you consider other positives about it as the constant updates from Amazon. And pretty much the only reason why someone should hold back on this could be the price. Apart from being a great assistant, you are pretty much paying only for a speaker which is not bad by any means. But considering the fact that it is a first gen product, it is quite hard to recommend it at a price. Maybe you get a discount on this guy, then don’t miss out on that and quickly grab one right away.


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