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Apple launched the new MacBook Pro models this year with an all-new feature, the Touchbar. While this is a great feature to have on the laptops but it is nowhere close to a touchscreen display on one. Yes, there are limitations on the same, but still, the experience is altogether different. There are other Windows-powered touchscreen laptops in the market but if you want to use a touchscreen Macbook, then you either have to wait for a couple of years more until Apple decides to launch one or you can an AirBar. AirBar is an accessory that you help can attach to your Macbook and make your display a touchscreen within minutes. The AirBar allows users to browse websites, watch and play videos and music using the touchscreen.

The Airbar is nothing but a rectangular accessory that looks more like a frame, and it sits at the bottom of the display. It needs to be plugged via a USB cable to the port to power it up. And the best part is, it is not even pricey. The AirBar is priced at $99. It has IR sensors, and the MacOS recognizes it as a pointing device and hence you won’t even require an additional software as well in order to run it. You can do pretty much anything like swipe through the menus, doodle around, etc. It is as simple as detaching it when you are done and attaching it back once you need it again. Well, above all, it is your best bet if you need a touchscreen Apple Macbook.


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