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If you search the internet for this 360FLY camera, the only thing which you will see is a sci-fi eye looking thing. Ys, indeed this Sci-Fi eye looking thing is a 360-degree camera, and it is called the 360FLY 4K. It is a single lens, a 360-degree camera which is water resistant upto 10 meters. And not just that, it is also shockproof and dust proof. It is definitely tougher than the others 360-degree cams, and some design improvements from the original such as the standard tripod mount and a bigger and brightly lit power and record button make it much easier to use. It can record 360/240 degree photos and videos. Yes, this isn’t spherical, but it indeed captures a lot of things in the screen, and there is no stitching required as well. It can also do flat white still as well when you don’t want 360-degree footage. And all of this is controlled by its mobile app. And let me tell you that the app is the main factor here which really sells the camera.

The app of the 360FLY simply makes it easier to edit, save and share. You can also install the live streaming app and use the 360FLY to live stream whatever it is recording. Do make a note that this will definitely use your phone’s mobile connection. There is also a great desktop app as well if you like to do your editing there. But what is unfortunate is, the video is sort of a mixed bag as of now. Don’t get me wrong but it looks really good on a small screen like a smartphone or a tablet which is pretty much the best way to experience the content. However, the footage is noticeable soft towards the bottom, and there is heavy purple fringing in high contrast areas. It is almost to the point of distraction. Otherwise, this $500 camera is a pretty great option to let viewers immerse themselves in your experiences whether they are all pre-recorded, or you are deciding to go live. On the other hand, if you are not really comfortable with this then maybe you should check out some of the other offerings like the one from Nikon called the Keymission 360.


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