Asus ZenBook UX305LA Review

Asus Zenbook UX305LA

Asus the brand know for Smartphone and Laptops have come up with a new product in its Notebook series i.e., the ZenBook UX305LA priced at Rs 71,990. If you are using a Macbook and looking for a similar notebook running of Windows then Asus ZenBook UX305LA is a perfect match both in terms of design and performance. ZenBook UX305LA is ...

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Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier Review

Philips Air Purifier

Air we breath comes with many small particulate matters which are not visible with your naked eyes. Due to rapid industrialization and increase in population the usage to the commodity have increased leading to an adverse effect on the surrounding environment. Respiration is the process where we take in the oxygen and leave out the carbon dioxide, but due to ...

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Pureit Ultima RO + UV with Oxytube Technology Launched in India

Pureit Ultima RO + UV with Oxytube Technology

A few years back, all of us used to boil the water to make it safe for drinking, and with technology advancements, there are many water purifiers available in the market that relieved us from boiling the water every other day. In the same way, we might also be thinking about consuming fresh fruits without having any kind of pesticides ...

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The Most Interesting & Unique Gadgets at CES 2016

CES 2016

CES, world’s largest consumer electronics show always comes with huge announcements and products that can be never imagined in the real world. Held every year in the first week of January in Las Vegas, Nevada, it always has a reputation to make every year and this year wasn’t any different. There is a strong growth in the world of tech ...

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HP Pavilion Mini PC Review

HP Pavilion Mini Review

We’ve always seen PCs to be large, non-portable and heavy enough to carry anywhere around, and they are rightly given the name desktops, where they sit always. HP’s attempt to change that, with the Pavilion Mini PC is quite something worth it. The Pavilion Mini PC is the most user friendly pocket PC ever to come out of HP, and ...

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Micromax UHD 4K TV Review

Micromax UHD 4K TV Review

What is Micromax 50K2330UHD? This is the Latest Product Series from Micromax where they have launched the Ultra HD or the 4K Television series in India. We had ordered one from Flipkart where they are selling it exclusively and the available options are in 39” & 49”. We picked up the largest screen size which is the 49” one. This ...

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Cubetek Airmobi iPlay2 Wi-Fi Music Router Review

Airmobi iPlay2 Music Router - Box Content

It is tempting to throw away that old-school stereo system of yours that have been struggling with modern day’s sound system (it’s that old that we don’t call it stereos), just because it’s missing features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or let’s say the AirPlay support. And considering that the system is still fully functional and still pumps out good music. Well, ...

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LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth Headset Review

LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth Headset

As a technology enthusiast, one would think that it would be great to live in a wire-free world where the connectivity is not limited to the length of wires. The Bluetooth headset is one such thing that can be of an evident use in various scenarios. While there are debates going on among its users if the Bluetooth headset is ...

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Xiaomi Mi Hi-Fi Headphones Announced for $80 – Details

Mi Headphones

Apart from announcing the Mi Box mini, Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer also announced the launched of its new Headphones, they are called Mi Hi-Fi. The newly announced Xiaomi Headphones in Bejing today sports 50mm Beryllium speakers that are 25 percent bigger than the average headset, according to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. The headphones come in black leather with shiny gold ...

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Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Announced at 22 Yuan – Details

Xiaomi Mi Box

Xiaomi announced a mini set-top-box unveiled a mini set-top box that doubles as a smart plug and a charger. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, said that it will go on sale in China on January 20, the palm-sized cube sports Bluetooth 4.0, a quad-core CPU, and dual-band wifi. The Mi Box mini is powered by Cortex-A7 Quadcore processor, which clocks ...

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